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Heat Pump Price Comparison Guides. Heat Pump Prices by Efficiency Ratings, Size, Maintenance and Repair Costs. is a consumer price guide dedicated to helping homeowners learn about heat pump prices for their home. The information published on this site is kept as current as possible, and continually updated each week, with 2014-2019 heat pump pricing data that we

In the Trane XV line you get the best Trane heat pumps that utilize the most innovative technology and features such as the variable speed inverter compressor, variable speed fan motor, long warranty and other - which can be seen in the detailed review. The XV20i has great ratings of 21 SEER for cooling and 10 HSPF for heating, which is one of the longest.

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Return to Top. Heat Pump Prices. Most customers will spend between $700 and $2,800 for a mid-quality heat pump, not including labor costs. Depending on the brand, model and installation factors like drilling or excavation, this can take the cost up to $9,000.. Heat pump manufacturers generally offer low-, mid-, and high-quality units.

This Trane heat pump guide is designed to assist you in researching this brand and comparing it to others you're considering. Performance and technical specifications are detailed below for good, better and best models along with Trane heat pump pros and cons.

Trane Heat Pump Prices by Model. Trane heat pumps are available in a variety of models. Each model of Trane heat pump comes with a set of additional tools that include a programmable heat pump thermostat, an air handler (ranging from 1300 to 1400 cfm), and a 3-ton outdoor condenser.